What are cataracts?

Cataract comes from the Greek word (katarraktis/καταρρακτης) which means waterfall. Similar to a waterfall, as our natural lens ages, it becomes cloudy and acts as a barrier between light from the outside reaching the back of our eyes. Cataracts are generally slow-moving, however, we reach our 60s, many patients will have cataracts noticeable on an exam. The point at which a cataract is symptomatic for a patient is different for everyone. Everyone will get cataracts at some point, and our team is here to help you determine when is right for you to have surgery.

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Dr. Logothetis utilizes the most advanced implant technologies for cataract surgery.

When is the Right Time for Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Logothetis prefers a conservative approach to deciding the right time for cataract surgery. At the time of surgery, we are proud to offer our patients the latest technology in intraocular (IOL) choices and diagnostics which we recommend for the most accurate outcomes possible.

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IOL Technology

IOL Technology

During cataract surgery, our surgeons will remove your cloudy lens and replace it with an intraocular lens (IOL). Choosing the most ideal IOL for every patient is the one of the most important aspects of a successful cataract surgery. Advances in technology have resulted in many types of IOLs with varying advantages and disadvantages. Our surgeons are experienced with the most advanced IOL technology. 

Similar to laser vision correction, present day cataract surgery is an opportunity to minimize one’s dependence on glasses for most patients. To understand the best options for you, an in person consult with our surgeons is your first step to a successful cataract surgery. 

Starting in 2020, we will be amongst the first surgeons in the Chicagoland area to offer the AcrySof®IQ PanOptix® Trifocal IOL from Alcon. 

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ORA (Intraoperative Aberrometry)

ORA (Intraoperative Aberrometry) 

Achieving outstanding outcomes after cataract surgery requires excellent diagnostics and measurement technology. ORA takes live measurements during cataract surgery to provide an additional measurement to assist our surgeons in selecting the best possible IOL for each patient. 

Starting in 2020, our surgeons will have access to the ORA SystemTM during cataract surgery.

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