What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus (KCN) is a diseased characterized by thinning and protruding of the cornea. It often develops during puberty and slowly progresses over time. Conditions associated with KCN include atopic disease, Down’s syndrome, and connective tissue disorders. Eye rubbing is also believed to be associated with the disease process.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Early detection of KCN is very important as it can prevent the need for surgical intervention such as a corneal transplant. At Eye Physicians of Libertyville we are pleased to provide the most advanced diagnostics for KCN. The Pentacam AXL by Oculus is able to accurately analyze the size and shape of the cornea with the reliability needed for early detection of KCN.

Oculus Pentacam AXL


What are symptoms?

The earliest symptoms of KCN are blurred and distorted vision. The range of visual distortion are wide and patient dependent. As the disease progresses patients can develop photosensitivity, foreign body sensation, glare and even scarring. If patients discover changing glasses prescription on a yearly basis that can often be an early sign of KCN. 

How is treated?

Currently, mild forms of KCN can be managed with the use of contact lenses in order to improve vision. As the disease process progress, newer management options include corneal cross-linking which is able to halt to halt the process in most patients. Severe cases of KCN may only be treatable with corneal transplant.

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